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Sappho New Paradigm

Sappho New Paradigm

Sappho Organics has re-launched as Sappho New Paradigm with new packaging, formulas and products. Sappho New Paradigm is a luxury natural and organic cosmetics brand that is free of synthetic preservatives suspected of being carcinogens.

The line is founded by Emmy nominated makeup artist JoAnn Fowler. JoAnn is known for her work on The L Word, The Twilight Saga and many other popular films. Sappho values 100% transparency of ingredients and uses 100% recyclable packaging

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Hazey Dew Vegan and Organic lIp gloss

New Formulation these glosses are richly pigmented, smooth as silk, feel incredibly moisturizing and..


Neutrality Concealer (3g)

The best neutral concealer suitable for anyone with light to medium skin tones.  Ingredien..


Paradigm Black Vegan Mascara by Sappho Organics

Sappho's new Paradigm Black Vegan mascara is the newest addition to their natural cosmetics line. ..


Rita Vegan and Organic lip gloss

New Formulation these glosses are richly pigmented, smooth as silk, feel incredibly moisturizing and..


Sandra Vegan and Organic lip gloss

A sandy golden bronze lip gloss. Made with organic oils, waxes and butters. Vegan. Ingredients: ..


Sappho Angle Brush

Great for applying eyeliner or shaping brows. Use the brush dry to create a soft line or wet the bru..

$14.00 $8.00

Sappho Blush Brush

A multi-functional brush that will work for blush, powder foundation, or bronzer.  Ingredien..


Sappho Brow Pomade (Choose from 5 shades)

Waterproof brow tones that provide not only deep pigmented color but also the ability to sculpt the ..


Sappho CC Cream (Choose from 5 shades)

Created with light diffusing minerals this CC cream feels feather soft and leaves your skin looking ..


Sappho CC Cream (Choose from 5 shades) 5 mL SAMPLE

There are currently sample shortages from the manufacturer which has triggered a price increase.Crea..


Sappho Chiaroscuro Shimmer (Choose from 3 shades)

Soft shimmers can illuminate the high points on the face to create structure, to bring the eyes to c..


Sappho Concealer Brush

A tapered flat brush that works to gently spread concealer on the delicate tissue of the eye.  ..


Sappho Concealers (Choose from 5 shades)

Conceived & created with deeply concentrated pigments & subtle highlights in natural base th..


Sappho Crease Brush

Used to apply color to the crease of the eyelid or contour line.  Ingredients Talkon (synth..


Sappho Double Eyeshadow Black Magnetic Compact

This eco-friendly magnetic compact that is neatly designed to house 2 eye pigments.  * eyesh..


Sappho Esentials Liquid Foundation

The exterior box ink is slightly smudged on this shipment; hence the sale of $2 off.Discover which t..


Sappho Essentials Liquid Foundation Samples 5 mL

Ships internationally to all countries, from Canada.There are currently sample shortages from the ma..


Sappho Eye Shadow (Choose from 10 Colors)

Beckitt A gorgeous light, shimmery green that looks beautiful against sun kissed skin and festive d..


Sappho Eyeshadow Brush

Sappho’s newest eye shadow brush that is strong enough to hold shadow but soft enough to apply the p..


Sappho Foundation Brush

This brush safety moves liquid foundation over your skin and allows you to easily build layers if mo..