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Interview with Josh Rosebrook

Posted by Amber 21/09/2015 0 Comment(s) Reviews,

Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care has been taking the green beauty world by storm! With the highest quality of organic ingredients and unique products such as the Lift Hair Texture & Volume it’s not a secret as to why everyone is loving this line including celebrities such as Mila Kunis, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Silverstone and more. 

Read our interview with Josh Rosebrook to find out what makes his skincare and hair care line stand out from the rest. 



1.) How did Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care come about? 
I have always been fascinated with medicinal plants, health and skin care. I have been passionately researching, testing and making different skin care products since I was a teenager. I developed my Cacao Antioxidant Mask formula because I knew it would be an effective treatment for the skin and it didn’t exist anywhere else. It transformed my skin, making it tone, smooth and bright. I was a young hair stylist in Los Angeles at the time and my clients commented on how great my skin appeared and wanted to try it for themselves. I had no intention of selling it until I couldn’t keep up with the demand of friends and clients asking for it. I saw a place for myself educating people and helping people understand how herbal products work with the skin/body.  I envisioned a whole collection at this level of purity and efficacy. I worked with a natural cosmetic chemist and an herbalist to produce products that really changed people’s skin, scalp and hair. It became very fulfilling to help people and give people truly effective treatments and make them feel beautiful. 


2.) What is your philosophy when it comes to skin and hair care? 
 Beautiful skin and hair are holistic. It’s not just about the products you are applying.  As much potent healing as any product may contain, it still comes down to a persons lifestyle and stress management. The body is brilliant and mostly what we are doing is figuring out how to remove unwanted barriers so the body can perform its natural job, then we can  gently support it with medicinal plants and herbs, that are the real source of regeneration for the body. 

When it comes to having healthy skin, every factor needs to be considered -internally and externally. Everything that you put in and on your body can have an effect on your overall health- so it's important to eat a well-balanced, whole foods diet, manage your stress level, and use products that are created from natural, organic ingredients. 

All of my plant ingredients are 100% organic- either organic, certified organic or wild-crafted. We use no conventional or toxic synthetic ingredients, allowing the formulations to work on a higher level where the plants’ true performance is not inhibited by anything synthetic and unmatched transformation can happen. Each one of my products contains a unique combination of active plant ingredients. Plants and herbs are the original source of active, vital nutrients for the body and these actives work on a cellular level to clean, detox, nourish, regenerate and protect the skin, scalp and hair. Plant oils and essences share a similar natural structure to those of the body. This likeness creates like a "bio-match" and has a very real vibrational alignment that can bring about profound changes to the skin, scalp, hair and body. Plant ingredients are gentle and intelligent and have an incredible ability to adapt to the bodies needs at any specific time. Potent natural elements support the body’s profound healing ability. Plants and herbs deliver phytonutrients, detox and regenerate with the body through an intuition-like intelligence network. 

 3.) What was the biggest challenge you faced when you started your product line? 
Staying focused is key to creating anything. Fear based, negative thoughts kill success. When I began transforming my negative, limiting thoughts into more general, positive ones, momentum gets going in the right direction and everything unfolds. 
Also when you have a start-up, and you are self funded, you have to wear many hats to get your company off the ground and keep things moving. You have to learn to do things well that you aren’t naturally good at or interested in. This kind of work, again, takes focus. 

 4.) What is your daily skin care routine like? 
Dry oil cleanse with the Herbal Infusion Oil
Hydrating Accelerator: 
Oculus Formula Eye Area Treatment
Deep Hydrating Serum: 
Nutrient Day Cream

Day or night:
Two - Three times a week-  New Mask Treatment Formulation Testing
Twice a week - Active Enzyme Exfoliator
Once a week - Cacao Antioxidant Mask
Hydrating Accelerator
Oculus Formula Eye Area Treatment
Deep Hydrating Serum
Balm (forthcoming)

 5.) What product from your line are you most proud of? 
Every single one of the products is tantamount to the next. They are all the result of an immense amount of passion, creativity and time.  My Cacao Antioxidant Mask earnestly started everything. It was the beginning, so in a way, I’d have to choose it as what I’m most proud of.


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